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The goal of The Encyclopedia Of Scams is to eventually feature every scam, trick, cheat and swindle ever perpetrated against the world's suckers.

It's not about warning rubes.

It's not about teaching criminals.

It's about having some fun with the incredible world of the con artist!

The navigation bar to the left will provide you with a list of common scams, a few interesting sub-categories and a glossary to help tell your pigeon drop from your cackle bladder.

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  • Dice: Every thing you need to know about cheating with dice.
  • Cards: Manipulating pasteboards for beginners.
  • Poker Machines: Beating the slots.
  • Bar Bets: Never pay for a drink again
  • Betting Systems: Dodgy systems designed to beat the odds.
  • Pool, Snooker etc: Are you the next hustler? If not, these easy pool hustles are fun.



The Blog

Melbourne magician, author and con man | Nicholas J. Johnson
  • Why do intelligent people make such good suckers? Nov 29, 2016
    One of the great shames of my life is that, for a two year period, I believed Mr Ed, the talking sitcom horse, was a zebra. Producers of the show found that zebras are easier to train than horses, particularly ones that they’ve liv...
  • Episode 36 – Brain Magic with Tony Barnhart Nov 27, 2016
    Anthony “Magic Tony” Barnhart is a cognitive psychologist at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He studies the psychological processes underlying handwritten word perception and the psychological foundations of magic and illusion....
  • A Scam From The White Man’s Money House Nov 7, 2016
    Redditor Sal_Mugga (whose username is slang for money shared an extraordinary story of being scammed on the website this week. He fell for a variation of the Pigeon Drop, sometimes known as the Jamaican Switch or the Handkerchief Swindle. So I wal...
  • Episode 35 – Now You Seem Mean 2 with Nick Mason Oct 5, 2016
    Nick Mason, from the Weekly Planet Podcast, returns to help me deal with my complex feelings about the 2016 film Now You See Me 2. The sequel to the surprise 2013 hit, Now You See Me 2 features more magic, more heists and more confusing ...
  • How to at cheat cards with salt, a green marker and a poison ring Oct 4, 2016
    My favourite card cheat of all time isn’t the riverboat swindling George Devol or the modern criminal mastermind Phuong Quoc Truong but an awkward man in his twenties from the suburbs of Melbourne. I’ll call him Willis h...
  • Episode 34 – The Gentle Grafter With Tosh Greenslade Sep 26, 2016
    Do you remember that story about the man who sold his fob watch to buy his wife a comb while she sold her hair to buy him a watch chain? That classic twist comes from the mind of O Henry, a short story writer famous for penning tales filled with c...
  • Scam revealed after con artists infect network with their own malware Aug 7, 2016
    You’ve probably heard about fake invoice scams where con artist sends out millions of phishing emails to businesses. The emails have invoices attached which the scammers hope the businesses will pass on to their accounts department without q...
  • Episode 33 – Alien Autopsy Part 2 with Spyros Melaris Aug 7, 2016
    In the second part of Nicholas’ conversation with Spyros Melaris about the 1995 Alien Autopsy video, Spyros discusses the fallout from the hoax video, his falling out with his collaborator Ray Santilli and the many easter eggs hidden through...
  • “Booze and the blowens cop the lot.” Aug 3, 2016
    Back in 1997, magician Ricky Jay filmed a HBO special based on his one man show ‘Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants.’ About twenty minutes into the hour of card tricks, card cheating and stories, Jay recites a poem. It’s a beautiful...
  • Tell all the truth but tell it slant — Jul 28, 2016
    It’s time to class the joint up a touch with a little poetry. This Emily Dickinson wasn’t published until fifty years after her death but it is still a pearler. Tell all the truth but tell it slant — Success in Circuit lies ...

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