Bank Shot

Impossible Pool

The Victims
Pool Player

The Crew
Pool Player

The Scam
The game is done and two balls remain on the table. The cue ball and the single ball the con artist failed to sink. He turns to his victim and say

"Say sucker...what do you think the chances of me shooting the ball right down the table, banking it off the far end and back to this end where it lands in the corner pocket"

"No chance. I've seen you play and you couldn't make that shot"

"Want to make a small wager?"

"You are on!"

"The only thing I ask is that I am allowed to use two cues."

"You want to use a cripple stick? Go for it"

With that the con artist picks up one cue and lays it across the table. He then strikes the ball down to the other end of the table where it hits the edge, bounces back and, using the cue as a guide, neatly rolls into the corner pocket!


Chef Anton has a great variation called the Great Wall of China. It is a little harder but worth the practice.

This is a great way for con artists to win back winnings from a losing game after being shown up as a poor player!

Pool, gambling

Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man

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