This is brief bibliography of some the resources in my library of scams. They include reference books, fiction, magician's books and more. The list not currently complete but I'm working on it.

Recommended Reading
Con Artists
  • The Big Con by David Maurer
  • Art of The Steal by Frank Abagnale
  • The Bunco Book by Walter Gibson
  • Yellow Kid Weil by JR Weil

Card Cheats
  • Expert At The Card Table by SW Erdnase
  • Complete Guide To Gambling by John Scarne
  • Casino Protection by Steve Forte
  • Notes on Three Card Monte by Whit Haydn

  • Paper Moon by Joe David Brown
  • The Grifters by Jim Thompson
  • The Tony Valentine Books by James Swain
  • The Confidence Man by Herman Melville.

100 Ways to Win a Ten-Spot: Scams, Cons, Games You Can't Lose
Paul Zenon
Bar bets, Instructive
A notable discovery of coosnage, 1591: The second part of conny-catching, 1592 (Elizabethan and Jacobean quartos)
Robert Greene
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (theory)
Absolutely Nuts (DVD)
Bob Sheets
Dvd, Gambling (monte), Instructive
Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People
Thomas Austin Preston, Greg Dinkin
Biography, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte)
American Gods
Neil Gaiman
Annals of Gullibility: Why We Get Duped and How to Avoid It
Stephen Greenspan
Annotated Erdnase
Darwin Ortiz
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte), Gambling (theory)
Art of the Steal: How to Protect Yourself & Your Business from Fraud, Americas #1 Crime
Finances, Internet
Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One
Edward O. Thorp
Gambling (cards), Gambling (theory)
Blackjack for Profit
Jady Davis
Gambling (cards), Instructive
Breaking Vegas
Ben Mezrich
Biography, Gambling (cards)
Bringing Down the House
Ben Mezrich
Biography, Gambling (cards)
Carnival Cop
Glenn Hester
Catch Me If You Can
Stan Redding; Frank Abagnale;
Biography, Finances
Chance a Guide to Gambling, Love, the Stock Market & Just About Everything Else
Amire D. Aczel
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (theory)
J. R. Carroll
Concise 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Biography, Pyschology, Theory
Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man: The Early Years
Thomas Mann
Confidence Games
Hester, Glenn
Carnival, Encyclopedia
Richard Asplin
Crooks & Conmen
Brian Innes

Crooks Are Human Too
Daniel J Campion
Biography, Pickpocket, Gambling (theory), Theory
Daryl Does the Full Monte (DVD)
Dvd, Gambling (monte)
Dead Men's Wages: The Secrets of a London Conman & His Family (Financial Times Executive Briefings)
Lilian Pizzichini
Biography, Gambling (theory)
Dead Souls: A Novel
Nikolai Gogol
Deadman's Bluff
James Swain
Fiction, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice)
Deadman's Poker
James Swain
Dealing 21
Hughes, Thomas

Dice: Deception, Fate, and Rotten Luck
Ricky Jay
Gambling (dice)
Expert Gambling Tricks
Trost, Nick
Gambling (cards), Gambling (theory), Instructive
Expert Gambling Tricks with Cards (Vol 1)
Nick Trost
Gambling (cards)
Expert Gambling Tricks with Cards (Vol 2)
Nick Trost
Gambling (cards)
Eyeing the Flash: The Making of a Carnival Con Artist
Paul Fattaruso

Fabulous Showman :PT Barnum
Irving Wallace

Fast and Loose (DVD)
Whit Haydn
Dvd, Gambling (theory)
Hank Whittemere, Mark Yarry
Biography, Finances
Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi
George H. Devol
Biography, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte)
Funny Money
James Swain
Fiction, Gambling (cards)
Gambling Protection Series
Steve Forte
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice)
Gambling Scams: How They Work, How to Detect Them, How to Protect Yourself
Darwin Ortiz

Gambling to Win in Australia
Tony Crabb
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Instructive
Great Racing Gambles and Frauds
R. Onslow
Encyclopedia, Gambling (theory)
Greetings in Jesus Name: The Scambaiter Letters
Michael Berry
Finances, Internet
Grift Sense
James Swain
Fiction, Gambling (cards)
Grifter's Game (Hard Case Crime)
Lawrence Block
Hoaxers and Their Victims
Nick Yapp
Hoaxes and Scams
Carl Sifakis
Bar bets, Biography, Encyclopedia, Finances, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte), Supernatural
How They Cheat You at Cards
Alberto Villiod
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte)
How to Cheat at Everything: A Con Man Reveals the Secrets of the Esoteric Trade of Cheating, Scams, and Hustles
Simon Lovell
Encyclopedia, Finances, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte), Gambling (theory), Internet, Pyschology, Theory
How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack
Bill Zender
Gambling (cards), Instructive
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Dale Carnegie
Influence: Science and Practice
Robert B. Cialdini
Jay's Journal of Anomalies
R Jay
Biography, Encyclopedia
Jinx: The Definitive Collection
Brian Michael Bendis
Fiction, Gambling (dice)
John Scarne explains why you can't win
Audley V Walsh, John Scarne
Gambling (monte), Instructive
John Wren: gambler, his life and times
Niall Brennan
Biography, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (theory)
La Grande Therese: The Greatest Swindle of the Century
Hilary Spurling
Loaded Dice
James Swain
Fiction, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice)
Madoff: The Man Who Stole $65 Billion
Erin Arvedlund
Biography, Finances
Matchstick Men: A Novel About Grifters with Issues
Eric Garcia
Mind Hacks
Tom Stafford, Matt Webb
Miracles Vol 1-4 (DVD)
James Swain
Dvd, Gambling (cards), Gambling (monte), Instructive
New Complete Guide to Gambling
John Scarne
Biography, Encyclopedia, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte)
Notes on Three Card Monte
Whit Haydn
Gambling (monte), Instructive
Paper Moon: A Novel
Joe David Brown
Phantoms of the Card Table: Confessions of a Card Sharp
David Britland
Biography, Gambling (cards)
Phill Cass Three Shell Routine (DVD)
Phill Cass
Dvd, Gambling (monte), Pyschology
Phishing and Countermeasures: Understanding the Increasing Problem of Electronic Identity Theft

Phishing: Cutting the Identity Theft Line
Rachael Lininger,
Russell Dean Vines
Players: Con Men, Hustlers, Gamblers, and Scam Artists
Geno Zanetti
Bar bets, Biography, Fiction, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice)
Poker Protection
Steve Forte
Encyclopedia, Gambling (cards)
Project Octavio
Clifford Irving
Road hustler: The career contingencies of professional card and dice hustlers
Robert C Prus
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte)
Scams and Fantasies with Cards
Darwin Ortiz
Gambling (cards), Instructive
Scams and swindlers: investment disasters and how to avoid them: true stories from ASIC
Bruce Brown
Scarne on Dice (Melvin Powers Self-Improvement Library)
John Scarne
Encyclopedia, Gambling (dice)
Seconds, centers, bottoms (Revolutionary card technique)
Edward Marlo
Gambling (cards), Instructive
Son of a Grifter: The Twisted Tale of Sante and Kenny Kimes, the Most Notorious Con Artists in America
Kent Walker, Mark Schone
Spanish Fly
Will Ferguson
Stealing Your Life: The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan
Frank W. Abagnale
Step Right Up: Stories of Carnivals, Sideshows, and the Circus
Knaebel, Nathaniel
Street Monte (DVD)
Sal Piacente
Gambling (monte), Instructive, Dvd
Sucker Bet
James Swain
Fiction, Gambling (cards)
Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All
Rose Shapiro

Suspected Documents and Outrageous Liars
Oscar A Mendelson
Biography, Encyclopedia
Swindling Exposed from the Diary of William B. Moreau King of Fakirs
J. B. Costello
Biography, Encyclopedia, Finances, Gambling (cards)
The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Gambling
Robert J. Hutchinson
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Instructive, Gambling (theory)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (English Library)
Mark Twain
The Art of Deception: An Introduction to Critical Thinking : How to : Win an Argument, Defend a Case, Recognize a Fallacy, See Through a Deception,
Nicholas Capaldi
The Big Book of Hoaxes: True Tales of the Greatest Lies Ever Told! (Factoid Books)
Carl Sifakis
The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man
David Maurer
Biography, Encyclopedia, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte), Theory
The Bunco Book
Walter Brown Gibson

The California Roll: A Novel
John Vorhaus
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Frauds, Scams, and Cons
Duane Swierczynski
Carnival, Encyclopedia, Finances
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Gambling
Alan A Wykes
Encyclopedia, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice)
The Con Man
Ed McBain
The Confidence Man in Modern Fiction: A rogue's gallery with six portraits
John G Blair
Fiction, Theory
The Confidence Man: His Masquerade
Herman Melville
The Expert at the Card Table: Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation
S.W. Erdnase
Gambling (cards)
The Fraud: Behind the mystery of John Friedrich, Australia's greatest conman
Martin Thomas
The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading: A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Persuasive Psychological Technique in the World: A Comprehensive Guide to the ... Manipulation Technique in the World
Ian Rowland
Instructive, Supernatural
The Genial Stranger
Donald MacKenzie
The Gentle Grafter
O. Henry
Fiction, Finances, Gambling (monte)
The Great Imposter
Robert Crichton
The Grifters
Jim Thompson
Fiction, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte)
The Hargreaves Story
White, Frank James
The Holy Theif
Ellis Peters
The Imposter's Daughter: A True Memoir
Laurie Sandell
The Irresistible Con: The Bizarre Life of a Fraudulent Genius
Francis Wheen
The Last Word on The Three Card Monte - 1 (DVD)
Dvd, Gambling (monte), Instructive
The Last Word on The Three Card Monte - 2 (DVD)
Dvd, Gambling (monte), Instructive
The Last Word on The Three Card Monte - 3 (DVD)
Dvd, Gambling (dice), Instructive
The Little Golden Calf
Ilya Arnoldovich Ilf, Evgeny Petrovich Petrov
The Magician and the Cardsharp: The Search for America's Greatest Sleight-Of-Hand Artist
Karl Johnson
The Man Who Lost Himself
Robyn Annear
The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower
James F Johnson
The Modern Con Man: How to Get Something for Nothing
Todd Robbins, Gadi Harel, Marcel Sarmiento
Bar bets, Instructive
The Museum of Hoaxes - A Collection of Pranks, Stunts, Deceptions and Other Wonderful Stories Contrived For The Public from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium
Alex Boese
Biography, Encyclopedia
The Professional Stage Pickpocket
Ricki Dunn
The Real John Wren - Challenging the Power Without Glory Myth
Hugh Buggy
Biography, Gambling (cards), Gambling (theory)
The Reformed Gambler
J. H.
Biography, Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte), Gambling (theory)
The Rich Uncle from Fiji
M. P. Adams
Gambling (cards), Gambling (dice), Gambling (monte), Pickpocket, Pyschology, Gambling (theory)
The Right Way to Do Wrong
Harry Houdini
Biography, Encyclopedia
The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick: The Biography of a Legend
Peter Lamont

The Rough Guide to Poker
Iain Fletcher, Rough Guides

The Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal
Lynne Kelly

The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson
Carlton Stowers
Bar bets, Biography, Gambling (cards)
Thirteen Against the Bank
Norman Leigh

Three Card Monte - Fully Exposed
Richard Turner
Gambling (monte), Instructive
Suzan-Lori Parks
Fiction, Gambling (monte)
Trick Baby: The Story of a White Negro (IGN Departement Maps)
Iceberg Slim

Wanna bet?: winners and losers in gambling's luck myth
Tim Costello & Royce Millar
Gambling (theory)
World's Great Crooks and Conmen
Nigel Blundell
Biography, Encyclopedia
Yellow Kid Weil: The Autobiography of America's Master Swindler
J.R. Weil