Change Rising/Raising

Change Raising, Up changing.



The Scam
Me: What sort of gum do you have.
Her: Just the ones on the counter. Peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon…
Me: Cinnamon! Who buys cinnamon?
Her: Lot’s of people. People who like the zing but don’t like the coolness of mint buy it.
Me: I don’t know, that sounds dodgy to me.
Her: That’s nothing, the distributor was pushing liquorice the other week.
Me: Liquorice gum?
Her: It’s pitch black. Looks like tar.
Me: I think I’ll just stick with peppermint.
Her: That’s 50 cents.
Me: I’ve only got a 50 dollar note. Is that cool?
Her: I suppose. It’s almost closing time anyway. I’ll just have to go to the bank for more change in the morning.
Me: Thanks, sorry to be a pain.
Her: There you go, $49.50 change.
Me: Hang on, I think I’ve got a bunch of change in my bag.
Her: That would be better…
Me: Man, I’ve got like another fifty bucks here in coins!
Her: I only need 50 cents.
Me: Ok, well if you give me my fifty bucks back I’ll give you the 50 cents.
Her: Here you go.
Me: Hang on, why don’t I give you the change back plus all my loose change and you give me a hundred dollar note. Then you have some spare change.
Her: I’m not sure that adds up…
Me: Oh yeah, you’re right. That only adds up to $99.50.
Her: And…
Me: …and I need to pay for the gum too so here is another dollar. $100 in change for the $100 note plus 50 cents for the gum.
Her: Let me count that up again.
Me: Sure. It’s exactly hundred plus 50 cents.
Her: All adds up. Here’s your $100.
Me: You can’t be too careful.

Confused? That's kind of the point!

In America...

Me: Hey, can I think Barack Obama keyring?
Her: Sure, that will be $1.
Me: Here is $10.
Her: And $9 change
Me: Wait...I've got all these singles I forgot about. Here is ten one dollar notes. Can I have a ten dollar note?
Her: Sure. Here you go.
Me: Better count that.
Her: Wait. You've give me nine ones and one ten. That is $19 total.
Me: Sorry, here is the $1. Hey, why don't I give this ten as well and you give me twenty?
Her: Ok...


Me: Hey can I buy this lighter with a photo of Betty White naked on it.
Her: Ok, that'll be $1
Me: I've only got $20. By the way, you have nice hair.
Her: Thanks.
Me: No problem.Is it real.
Her: What?
Me: Is your hair real.
Her: Yes.
Me: Oh. Can I have my $19?
Her: Here you go.
Me: No problem. Sure it's not horse hair?
Her: What? NO!
Me: Ok
Her: Get out of my shop.
Me: Hey. I found a $1. Here you go.
Me: But I gave you $20.
Her: Here it is. NOW GET LOST
Me: Thanks.

Variations can include having the transaction interrupted by a rude customer (actually a confederate) who hurries the transaction along and prevents the cashier from think the transaction through. Some con artists combine this scam with attempted uses of credit or eftpos facilities in the shop. This further confuses the shopkeeper.

The Take
This scam works with $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes. The maximum that can be made is $50.

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Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man