Friction Pens

New millennium invisible ink

White collar fraud, paper hangers

Anyone with a signature

The Scam
The friction pen is a relatively new invention, a pen that writes just a standard ball point pen but that be completely erased with the application of just a small amount of heat. The scam artist can have his victim write a cheque for a small amount of money which he can later erase and rewrite as a larger amount

Unsigning Contracts: The con artist can remove his signature from a contract he no longer wishes to fulfil.
Rewriting Bets: The con artist can rewrite a handwritten betting slip after the race to suit the outcome.
Adjusting Contracts: The con artist can remove conditions from a contract
Photocopying: The con artist can even remove the ink from a distance by simply asking the victim to photocopy or fax the paper. This will remove the writing.

Since the contracts and cheques are handwritten, the amounts of money involved would be relatively small but not insignificant.

White Collar. Fraud