The following are confederates, friends and just plain good con artist sites and resources.

Bartender Magic: An excellent array of bar bets, bar magic tricks and bar products. Bar.

The School For Scoundrels: The place to go to learn Three Card Monte, The Shell Game and Fast and Loose.

Wikipedia: Wikipedia has many excellent pages on con artists and famous cons. Well worth a look.

419 Eater: A fantastic collection of people playing the Advance Fee Fraud con artists at their own game.

Crimes of Persuasion: Colourful case studies of real people who have fallen for the scams. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Taylor's Magic Shop: Sean Taylor is the guy in Australia to buy magic and other con artist supplies.

Museum of Hoaxes: Examining dubious-sounding claims and mischief of all kinds. Creator Alex Boese has also written two excellent books "Hippo Eats Dwarf" and "The Museum of Hoaxes" which are a great read for lovers of lies!

How To Cheat At Everything: This amazing collection of scams by Simon Lovell is a must for lovers of the swindling!

Scarne On Gambling: John Scarne was the greatest gambling expert to ever live. This is his bible.

Snopes: Want to seperate the facts from the bullshit? Snopes is the best site on the internet for exposing popular myths.

Soapy Smith: Created by his great grandson, this website outlays the history and crimes of Soapy Smith.

Me: My name is Nicholas J. Johnson, Australia's Honest Con Man. Visit my site to find out what I do when I am not hunched over a keyboard exposing scams.

James Randi: Magician and skeptic James Randi exposes several frauds on his informative website.

The Modern Conman: A book and a blog about scams by a collective of con artists lead by Todd Robbins.