Name Unbalanced Reels Aka Slanty Slots Crew The gaming industry Victims Poker machine players ... ' of a poker machine are indentical. There are the same amount of winning symbols on each one. Therefore ... almost win everytime but never actually win. This is what poker machines can do, albeit more subtley. So
Name Programing Slot Machines Aka Rigged Poker Machines Crew Employees of slot machine companies Victims Slot machine owners The Scam Every slot/poker machine gambler dreams of figuring out a pattern ... . You can even buy systems that will 'reveal' the patterns to you. The fact is that poker machines HAVE
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Name Subliminal Slot Machines Aka The Konami Kon Crew The Konami Company Victims Canadian Slot/Poker machine players The Scam One of the keys to running a succesful poker machine venue is to keep people ... the company would have made would be minimal. Keywords Poker machines, gambling Created by Nicholas J
on mechanical poker machines. Those machines worked via pulls, cogs and physical wheels. When gaming machines
gambling system or a poker machine venue with unbalanced reels, it is these assumptions that con artists take advantage of to keep them playing. Poker Machines The symbols roll out in a particular pattern
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dice games, card games and poker machines in a casino. Our rating: 2.5 out of 5. The Old Army Game