Name Modem Jacking Aka Dial Up Fraud Victims Dial up internet users Crew One or more The Scam Dial up modems work by calling a phone number provided by the internet service providers. One computer ... with an attachment that the victim opens. However, increasingly saavy internet users are more careful about opening
Name Dating Services Aka Phone and Internet Dating Victims Lonely men and women Crew Phone and internet dating services The Scam I am a night owl and so often find myself wide awake at 1am practicing ... , the amounts depend on the gullibility of the victim! Keywords Phone, internet Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
internet dating sites. They set up a romantic relationship with their victim. They then ask for money for a ... the 'lovers can be together'. Money for a suit to go an get a job. Money for internet access so thet can stay ... family) or brings him closer to the victim (e.g. plane ticket, internet connection) will be a success
Name Paypal Payment Requests Aka Payment Fraud Victims Paypal account holders Crew Internet fraudsters The Scam Many internet scams and spams work via the principle that if the scam would only fool ... of the escrow service Paypal know that you can both send and receive money over the internet using the system
Name VOIP Swindle Aka Phone Banking Hacking Crew Internet Hackers Victims Phone bankers especially those using company telephones The Scam VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and, in layman’s terms, the routing of a telephone service through the internet. This can include telephone
reasonably safe internet payments that can be traced if required. The con artist claims that he has had ... -$2000 Keywords Advance fee fraud, short con, internet Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
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to the internet without cables. The modem sends out a signal which can be picked up when computers in the area ... connect to the internet. Restaurants, offices, cafes, airports and hotels now all offer hotspots which ... into giving up important details via the internet. Often WIFI junkies will 'wall surf' and wander through
Name Click Fraud Aka Pay Per Click Fraud, Victims Web advertisers and publishers The Scam The victim sets up an internet advertising program that pays the advertisment's publisher a fee for every ... make 5c-$5 for each click. Keywords Internet, business Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia
the concept of "word-of-mouth" to the Internet, allowing the people of our world to share their experiences ... to thousands depending on the means of the victim. Keywords Internet, spam, email Created by Nicholas J
\e weight quickly. These are marketed via internet, spam, television etc. These systems are not tested ... : Health, internet Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
Name Buy A Star Aka RegiSTAR The Crew Internet sites and star salespeople Victims The sentimental The Scam What a wonderful idea! Buy a somebody their very own star! You get a lovely piece ... because customers call again and again and again." Take Around $50 per star Keywords Sales, internet
internet search engines to find victim's details. Telling a victim facts about their life through cold ... :- Marketplace readers. Psychic hotline and internet sites. Text message services. Television psychics Psychic ... . Keywords Supernatural, short con, telephone, internet, magic Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia - last edited Jun 29, 2007 by HonestConman HonestConman
has taken off thanks to the internet. Con artists send out millions of emails such as this one ... for now till am assured you are ready to comply good. Lucky You. As with most internet scams ... Victims have lost tens of thousands of dollars on this scam Keywords Long con, internet, advance fee - last edited Jun 10, 2007 by HonestConman HonestConman
. Keywords Sales, telemarketing, internet. Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
Name Homeopathy Aka Homœopathy or Homoeopathy Crew Internet homeopaths Victims Natural therapy lovers looking for a bargain. The Scam Before all of the homeopaths start sending me hate mail ... . Keywords Internet Medical Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
Name Matrix Schemes Aka Waiting List Crew Internet marketing companies Victims Internet bargain hunters The Scam The concept behind these scams is to create a pyramid scheme that doesn't feel like a ... deliberate breach of a privacy policy ever discovered by U.S. law enforcement. Keywords Internet, pyramid
call their victims instead of using the internet. Pharming: Instead of asking for personal information ... but hundreds of thousands have been lost to phishers. Keywords Money, Internet, Email, banking Created - last edited Sep 26, 2007 by HonestConman HonestConman
on the internet. The con artist will esculate the money he requires from the victim as each scam is succesful ... ,000 to $400,000 on this scam. Keywords Long con - internet Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest
wishes to make this transaction in cash. Keywords Short cons, internet Created by Nicholas J. Johnson