Name Pool Bolt Aka Knock 'Em Down Pool Crew Pool players, carnivals Victims Wannabe pool players ... is touching the other two much like he is racking the balls up for a wee tiny game of pool. In the middle ... suggesting that the con man's pride in his pool skills is somewhat misplaced. With the fish on the hook - last edited Jun 17, 2009 by HonestConman HonestConman
of pool that feature on this site require little to no actual skill. If anybody asks I tell them it is because a pool hustler with real talent and finesse at the game of pool who manages to convince a lesser ... of Scams is because I am a pretty average pool player. I win my fair share of games but put me against a
Name Side Pocket Pool Aka Backed Into A Corner Pocket. The Victim Pool Players The Crew Pool ... Australian pool tradition, being "pantsed' is what happens to you if you play a full rack of balls without ... chance to avoid this." "I'm listening" "How about we play a game of straight pool. One point for every
Name Crooked Cue Balls Aka Crooked Crazy Cue Balls Victims Pool players Crew Pool hustlers The Scam The con artist allows the victim to break in a game of pool. However, he has switched the cue ball ... in single shot games and bets where the victim has to acheive one shot to win. Take Pool takings Keywords
Name Under The Cue Aka The Low Ball Victim Pool Players Crew Pool Hustler The Scam The con artist, having just lost a game of pool to the victim, happens upon a way to win his money back. He takes a spare pool cue and lays it across the table, resting the end of the cue on the edge of the pocket
Name Jumping Chalk Aka Chalk Toss Victims Pool Players Crew Pool Players The Scam When you play pool long enough, you find yourself stuck with lots of little piece of chalk, leftovers that are too ... can make a buck with them. The game of pool is finished and one ball and the cue ball remain
Name Bank Shot Aka Impossible Pool The Victims Pool Player The Crew Pool Player The Scam The game is done and two balls remain on the table. The cue ball and the single ball the con artist failed ... Pool, gambling Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man www - last edited Oct 26, 2008 by HonestConman HonestConman
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systems designed to beat the odds. Pool, Snooker etc: Are you the next hustler? If not, these easy pool - last edited Aug 30, 2010 by HonestConman HonestConman
. In the late 1950's he pooled his money and went in the vegetable oil business. Around the same time, American
to the original, it's dark look at the seedy side of pool halls is still top cinema. Our rating: 4 out of 5 ... marathon pool game. Our rating: 4.5 out of 5 The Pickpocket (1957) Robert Bresson's classic film about