Name Pyramid Sales Aka Matrix Schemes, MLM, gifting circles, chain letters Crew One person ... to act as his sales people. These five victims pay the con artist a fee for lessons/products to sell/membership themselves. The victims make their money back by enlisting five new sales people each, taking a portion
wrapped in with the soap packages ( $1 to $100 bill) in order to induce the sales of his wondrous product ... for $1 at the start. Shills will use palmed $5 and $10 bills to get sales rolling at which time the soap sales man begins to auction off the remaining packages to the highest bidder. Variations In the present
Name Product Demonstration Aka Secret Sales Crew One Victims Homeowners. The Scam Door to door ... a sales contract and the victim is oblidged to buy the product. Variations Often the con artist ... be in for thousands. Keywords Short con, door to door, Sales Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con
will quickly purchase the item, think the item is a steal. The use of misleading advertising helps in the sale of these items. Con artists who are skilled at this type of sale are often described as "able to sell a peg as a ... to find a victim. The sale of Fake Drugs is a particularly dangerous version of the Coin Collector Scam
hand growing up in rural Australia. One day she saw a horse with a bad leg for sale. It wasn ... horse for the price of a good one is bound to net a good amount of cash. Keywords Horse, racing, sales
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Fraud: The con artist sells the victim a special sales/tool/work kit that will assist them running a ... . However, the scam continues after this point. The victim is paid a commission for signing up new sales people like themselves. Those sales people also sign up new people who, in turn, must sign up new people
high pressure sales team. However, in the context of con artists it used to refer to a particular type ... that does not exist and therefore has no profits. 2) The con artist and his sales staff call members of the general public and convince them to buy the same stock. The sales staff are usually unaware of the scam
Business, short con, sales Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
's meat." The phrase is used to described the sale of inferior products as high quality. Variations ... to scam Japanese tourists. Take 2000 people paid $1600AUD per poodle. Keywords Funny, short con, sales
sales and repair shop. Of course, he never sells any TVs and his 'free' repair service nets him easy ... of thousands of dollars. Keywords Big Store, short con, sales Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia
in the paper and offers to purchase the item for sale. For example, a television, whitegoods or even a car. He ... into the victim's account. The machine looks like a point of sale 'eftpos' machine with a keypad and card swiper
and the product is never delivered. Sales: The victim must buy a sales kit from the con artist. The con artist will then pass on sales leads so that the victim can make more money. They rarely do. This is particularly
Name Melon Drop Aka None Victim Japanese tourists Crew One with the possibility of extra support to pressure the sale. The Scam In Japan, a water melon can cost up to $100 and is given as a special gift. In the same way as westerners may give a bottle of champagne or an expensive box of chocolates. Often
Name Flier Packaging Aka Tourist sales Crew One Victims Tourists The Scam The con artist will go to the tourist information centre in his home town and collect as many free fliers as he can. He will focus on the fliers which offer special deals or that include discount coupons. He will then package
. Keywords Sales, telemarketing, internet. Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
hustles are fun. Sales Advance Fee Fraud: Scams where you pay now for a service that never arrives ... | Murray Valley 102.1 FM | Myrtleford 91.7 FM | Omeo 720 AM | Orbost 97.1 FM | Portland 96.9 FM | Sale 828 - last edited Aug 30, 2010 by HonestConman HonestConman
.890.644.345/ URL contains a hyphen (e.g. URL contains business name after second backslash (e.g. Website that is supposedly secure does not have - last edited Sep 26, 2007 by HonestConman HonestConman
. Keywords: Mail fraud, cool off, sales Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man www
, they can sell the Eiffel Tower. Keywords History, sales Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest