Name Do not call Services Aka Anti-Telemarketing Telemarketers. Crew One or more working over the phone, email or door to door Victims People who hate telemarketers. The Scam The con artist will calls ... to every single telemarketing service operating today demanding that they never call the victim's number
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not check the booking properly. Take $300-$1000 per advertisment Keywords Telemarketing, short con
. Keywords Sales, telemarketing, internet. Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
online purchases. Take Potentially thousands of dollars Keywords Telemarketing, sales Created
. Telemarketing: Over the phone swindles Pyramid Schemes: The pharaoh at the top wins, the slaves at the bottom - last edited Aug 30, 2010 by HonestConman HonestConman
, telemarketing, film, cool off Created by Nicholas J. Johnson Australia's Honest Con Man
, in telemarketing scams, the victim is put on a 'sucker's list' to let others know that this particular victim - last edited Jun 24, 2007 by HonestConman HonestConman
people claim. Usual fees are between $1 and $5 per minute. Keywords: Mobile, telemarketing, short con
Room: A high pressure telemarketing sales room. Boiler-Net Room: An online boiler room targeting - last edited Jun 18, 2009 by HonestConman HonestConman
in boiler room telemarketing. Recruited into a team to make a fortune in a gold mining scam. Our rating: 3