10 plus 6 equals 4

It's about time

The Crew
Mathematical swindlers

The Victim
Math buffs without the ability to think laterally.

The Scam
The con artist makes a wager with a math buff, someone who can recite PI to 4000 places, perform long division in his head and who spends their Saturday nights remembering complex equations.

"Can you think of situation where 10 + 6 = 4?"
"That is easy 10 + -6 = 4
"Not -6. Just plain ordinary 6."
"Let me think...Calculus? Geometry? Algebra? "
"Ummm...Trigonometry? Differential Equations? Transformations?"
"Not even close."
"What about probability? Topology? Number theory?
Euclidean geometry?
"I give up. There is no branch of mathematics where 10 + 6 = 4."
"Wanna bet?"
"Sure. $50 says you are making it up."
"Deal. The answer is on a clock. 10 o'clock plus 6 hours is 4 o'clock

The other way of presenting this is in military time. "Can 1450 + 60 = 1540?"

This swindle reminds me of the old puzzle "Why are 1972 fifty cent coins worth more the 1971 fifty cent coins?" The answer is "because there is one more of them". The actual question, when spoken out loud, is "Why are one thousand, nine hundred and seventy two fifty cent coins worth more than one thousand nine hundred and seventy ONE fifty cent coins?"

I've never met a mathematician with a ton of cash so they is more a psychology con for bragging rights than a real swindle.

Math, bar bet

Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man

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