Name: Three Dollar T- Shirts

Aka: Small Time Mail Fraud

Victims: Bargain hunters, cheapskates

Crew: One or more

The Scam: The con artist places an advertisement offering $3 T-shirts.. All you have to do is send a cheque for $3 for each t-shirt you want. There is a minimum of three shirts per customer. The victim sends off a few bucks and the con artist does nothing. He just keeps their money.

People are unlikely to kick up too much off a fuss about $3 and so rarely chase up the money. If they do cause a fuss, the con artists sends them a cheap t-shirt in the mail.

Variations: This scam has been done with pants, magazines, software and computer parts. It has also been combined with the Sex Toy Scam so that the victim is too embarrassed to complain. You might complain about getting stiffed on a t-shirt, but few people with kick up a stink about not getting a sex toy!

Take: $3 x as many people who fall for the scam.

Keywords: Mail fraud, cool off, sales

Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man

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