500 foot drive

Tin Cup Drive, Golf Scam, The frozen lake drive.



The Scam
The con artist bets a golfer that he can drive the ball further then him. The con artist will use a putter. The victim can use any club he likes. The victim hits first. The con artist turns around and hits his ball down the driveway of the golf club towards the main road. Since the ball is bouncing on the hard road, it will keep bouncing for a long time, particularly if the hill is on the a slope.

If there are no good golf players around, the con artist will state he can hit a golf 500 feet using a putter. The victim is betting that the drive is impossible.

The con artist can also win the bet by
  • Driving the ball across a frozen lake
  • Driving the ball off a 500 foot cliff
  • Driving the ball in a car.

Whilst in the film Tin Cup has Kevin Costner lose his car to Don Johnson on this scam, this is really little more then an outdoor bar bet, and real money is not likely to be won.

This bet was made famous by Titanic Thompson who drove the golf ball over a frozen lake.

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Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man