Name: Animal safety

Aka: Puppy scam, dog.con

Crew: One or more

Victims: Animal lovers

external image pupbox.jpgThe Scam: The con artist will, through websites, newspaper advertisements and even television, seek western families willing to take in a puppy from overseas. These puppies will be eaten/used in fighting/shot in their home country if someone does not adopt them.

The puppies are either extremely cheap or the puppies cost nothing for the families to adopt. However, in order to bring the puppies into the country, a customs fee or vet fee must be paid in advance.

The fee is paid. The puppy never arrives.

Variations: This is a version of Advance Fee Fraud that takes advantage of people's charity. Similar scams have been perpetrated with other wildlife issues. Fake charity collectors are also common world wide.

The Take: $50-$500 per puppy

Case Studies:

Here is a quote from someone who fell for the scam recently: ". My mother was scammed by these crooks...she sent the money...and she has no yorkie pups. This makes me they prey on innocent people who don't know any better. My mom is 74 and on limited income...and now she is out the money and no yorkie pups. Why did she do it...because she believes the good in people...AND, she didn't involve me until it was too late.

She responded to the email that started with hurricane Katrina yorkie rescues...which were all gone...but a missionary just moved to Nigeria...and has these pups to place...and so forth."

Article in The Age newspaper about the scam

Keywords: Internet, advance fee fraud.

Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man

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