The Match Toss

The Bent Match

Drunk people in bars

Just one

The Scam
The con artist pulls a paper match from a book. He scrawls a tiny little head on one side and a tail on the other. He begins to flip it like a coin calling heads and tails making small bets with the victim. Each time the con artist wins, he lets out an all mighty cheer and has a drink.

As the con artist and victim get drunker and drunker, the con artist starts to make stranger bets. Eventually, he bets his victim that he can make the match land on it's side! The victim assumes he is too drunk to know that is impossible and takes the bet.

Suddenly quite a bit more sober, the con artist folds the match so that it forms a right angle, tosses it in the air and watches as the match lands on it's side.

This can also be tried with any long thin piece of card or a flat disposable chopstick.

Most con artists are lucky to get a free beer from this one. Even if someone is prepared to take the bet, they'll seldom pay up because the con artist 'cheated.'

Bar Bets

Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man