Boat Rides

Fictional Tours

One con artist with fliers, an A-frame and a winning personality.

The Scam
In many big cities with developed, tourist based waterfronts offer boat rides up and down the river or around the bay. In Melbourne, Sydney, San Fransico and many others, salespeople stand down by the water spuiking tickets to sightseers as they wander past. The sightseers are encourage to buy a ticket and then return at an agreed time when the boat arrives.

This provides con artists with the perfect chance to trick the tourists. All they need do is set up with cheap fliers, a cheap a-frame and a natty sailor's outfit. They offer a place on the 3:00pm boat at a far cheaper price then any of the other boats. Of course, they can do this because at 3:00pm, no boat arrives and the con artist is long gone.

Any tourist service with a time delay can be adjusted to suit this scam. Including
  • A behind the scenes tour of a high security venue. "I can get you into the white house for a poke around. Pay me $100 each and meet me round back at 5:00pm sharp.
  • Bus tours
  • Plane joy rides

$10-$100 per person

Sales Advance Fee Fraud.

Created by Nicholas J. Johnson
Australia's Honest Con Man

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